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STOP Gardnerscape!

Speaking from experience and the voice of partners in business. We often find ourselves problem solving what we call gardenerscaping. We understand in a crunch homeowners often look to the quick readily available for fixes like gardeners. But, we often find that this will cost homeowners more money in the long run. Things we like to point out and homeowners that might encounter situations such as these. First, are they licensed? Any work over $500 requires a license. Check the license! Second, most common we see is adding of irrigation sprinklers. They need to use common sense first and foremost. 90% of the time we find when adding sprinkler lines is to put a band aid and not actually fix the problem. Basics they should allow head to head coverage and never over water or spray. Most infamous talked about turf removal. Yes, turf removal, this is critical in the stage of converting. If you see any workers pick axing out your turf stop them immediately. Experts including us will say that you will at minimum need to excavate at least 2-3 inches. This will depend on your type of turf you have too. A good indication is seeing the green mesh being excavated. More to come!