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California Turf Removal Rebate Program

In April 2015, the governor of California issued a mandatory water reduction state wide. With the new water restrictions in place it is costly to keep a turf grass lawn.

Turf grass consumes around 80% of a households water usage and requires a ton of maintenance. By switching to drought tolerant landscaping you can reduce your entire household water usage beyond 60%! ALL Environmental Designs’ drought tolerant landscape designs add life, character and color to your yards all while being safe for the environment and require zero to low maintenance.

California’s SoCal Water Smart Rebate Program is now offering a turf removal rebate that has recently added new allowances.

Quick summary of the Residential program:
Residential — $2 per square foot with a 3,000 square foot cap. There is a lifetime limit of $6,000 instead of a one project per lifetime per property, so a customer could do phases of a project (front yard then back yard later) over time up to a maximum total of $6,000.

ALL Environmental Designs has worked with many customers using the turf removal rebate program. We’ll even help you get your application started!

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